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Win prizes and help local charities at the same time!

What would you like to win today?

With our platform you can win amazing prizes like cars, boats, weekend getaways, travel packages, spa packages, gift cards, shopping sprees, and much more! We donate a percentage of the entire sites earnings to local charities on a monthly basis. It’s a win-win for everyone. You get awesome prizes, and local charities get the funds they need to help out our community here in the Quad Cities. Keep reading below to find out how this all works!

How Our Platform Works

Winning prizes and helping local charities is broken down into 3 easy steps. Earn points, redeem points, and help charities!

Ways To Earn Points

We have a lot of different ways to earn points on our platform ranging from utilizing local businesses, performing surveys, playing video games, and more. Check out the sections below to learn more about earning points on our platform.

Purchasing Services From Local Businesses

We’ve teamed up with local business owners around the Quad City area to allow you to earn points simply for using their services. This helps support local small business owners while at the same time earning points to win a ton of awesome prizes. For example, if you need an electrician and you use the one we’ve partnered with, you’ll get great service from a top quality electrician and you’ll earn a ton of points at the same time! Our system takes care of all of the tracking, all you have to do is provide your unique number to the business owner and they’ll take it from there!

Multiple Apps Available

We have multiple phone apps that you can leverage to earn points ranging from our official QC Rewards app to games. In each of our apps you’ll have lots of ways to earn points that you can redeem to try to win any of our prizes.  Where else can you play games and win prizes like vacation packages, spa packages, shopping sprees, and much, much more!

Complete Simple Surveys

Earn points for simply sharing your opinion! We’ve partnered with a great survey company to allow you to earn points that you can redeem for a chance to win any of our prizes. There are unlimited surveys that you can take, so you can earn points all day long! Turn your opinions into vacation packages, shopping sprees, weekend getaways, and much more!

Watch Videos

Earn points for watching videos on a wide variety of topics! We have videos on cooking, video games, movie reviews, app reviews, and much more. Simply watch videos and earn points all day long. Earn unlimited points by watching videos and redeem those points to try to win one of the many prizes we have available on our platform!

QC Rewards

We have prizes you actually want to win!

Just because QC Rewards is a local site doesn’t mean that our prizes have to be small!

Our goal at QC Rewards is to bring you tons of amazing prizes constantly. As our site grows, so will the prizes! Check out the types of prizes we currently offer by looking at the list below.

Support Local Charities

Each month we set aside a percentage of the sites total profit to donate to local charities. The charities we have chosen to donate to fall into a few categories.  They all offer assistance to low income families, veterans, children, the homeless, and animals. We feel strongly about supporting our local charities, this really is a win-win for everyone involved. You get to win amazing prizes and local charities get the support they need to help out fellow QC residents and animals.

Common Questions

Below are a  few common questions people have about QC Rewards.

We offer complete transparency with how our platform operates. We utilize a 3rd party service to choose winners, offer complete public access to results of drawings, and have a support team ready to help with any problems you may encounter.

QC Rewards

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